Sunday, January 27, 2013

Putting Democracy to Work

While we plan to return in later blogs to the Mondragon Cooperative, we'd like to begin to address American worker cooperatives! We will examine what potential they might have to help eleviate rapidly deteriorating working conditions of the American working class, what obstacles they face and which American cooperatives are surviving in the current economic climate and why. 

Below is a video clip of Shift Change - a new documentary on worker cooperatives at home and abroad. It includes footage taken of Mondragon workers as well as several U.S. cooperatives we might choose to cover in blogs to come.


  1. This is a wonderful video. What can we do to follow up? I think we can:
    1) Be involved in (consumer and/or producer) cooperatives in our personal lives
    2) Publicize cooperatives through social media
    3) Seek out and build relationships with cooperatives as part of the work we do -- and suggest joint research projects with them.

  2. and here's a good article on a new worker coop, New Era Windows Cooperative (formerly Republic Windows and Doors) in Chicago: